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Hi there, I'm Luan, and my goal is to guide you in mastering design and coding by creating impactful real-world projects.

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Unlock mastery in Full-Stack Design effortlessly with my comprehensive package: Dive into over 100 hours of video content, guiding you seamlessly from fundamental concepts to advanced techniques.

Chapter 1
Start20 mins

Course introduction

Why this course?What is Full-Stack Design?Some tips for effective learning
Chapter 2
Introduction30 mins

Introduction to Design Systems

Why do we need design systems?Benefits of design systems?Structure of a design system
Chapter 3
Design · Basic8 hrs

Learn Figma

Introduction to variablesApply variables to designsCreate a component library
Chapter 4
Design · Intermediate12 hrs

Learn UI Design

What is UI Design?UI Design FundamentalsUsability Heuristics for UI Design
Chapter 5
Design · Advanced16 hrs

Learn UX Design

What is UX Design?UX Design FundamentalsPrinciples for UX Design
Chapter 6
Code · Basic24 hrs

Learn HTML and CSS

What is HTML and CSS?Understanding the CSS BEM conventionBuild a simple portfolio website
Chapter 7
Code · Intermediate48 hrs

Learn JavaScript

What is JavaScript?Get familiar with JavaScriptIntroduction to web animations with GSAPBuild an Apple product showcase web cloneAdding interactive 3D objects with Spline
Chapter 8
Code · Advanced96 hrs

Learn React

What is React?Create a web component libraryBuild an Airbnb web cloneBuild a Netflix web cloneBuild a Spotify web clone
Chapter 9
Code · Advanced120 hrs

Learn React Native

What is React Native?Create a mobile component libraryBuild an Airbnb mobile app cloneBuild a Netflix mobile app cloneBuild a Spotify mobile app clone
Chapter 10
Finish30 mins

Course wrap up

Summarizing our accomplishmentsGet your course certificateComing up next

Elevate your design career to new heights

Mastering design can be challenging, especially when collaborating with engineers. Embrace the journey of refining both your design and coding prowess, and savor the progress along the way.

  • Enhanced collaboration

    Understanding code allows designers to effectively communicate their design intentions to developers.

  • Greater creative control

    Knowing how to code empowers designers to bring their creative visions to life independently.

  • Improved prototyping

    Coding skills enable designers to rapidly prototype and iterate on their designs by design concepts in code.

  • Understanding technical constraints

    Designers who understand code are better equipped to work within technical constraints.

  • Problem-solving skills

    Learning to code cultivates a problem-solving mindset that is valuable for all aspects of design.

  • Career advancement

    Designers who can bridge the gap between design and development are in high demand and a wider range of job opportunities.